Catholic Study Resources

20120903-183649.jpgI am by no means a scholar. I simply take the information I have learned and try to pass it on in the simplest terms possible. My most sincere hope is that, after reading my work, honest truth seekers will begin to dig deeper into the truths of Christianity and eventually, through their own independent study, find the fullness of the faith in the Catholic Church.

To that end, I’ve created a list of links to fantastic online resources to help further your studies.

Catholic Answers
A comprehensive apologetics sites, complete with an active forum, videos, audio, magazine articles, quick answers and tracts. Perhaps the flagship catholic information site.

Catholic Bridge
Wonderful apologetics resource with conversion stories and great information on apologetics and catholic social teaching.

Word On Fire
The creator of the amazing Catholicism series, Father Robert Barron gives amazing and timely sermons and has complied a huge library of articles and commentary.

Coming Home Network
Videos, conversion stories and vast resources to assist those contemplating the Catholic faith.

Jimmy Akin
The brilliant, witty senior apologist at Catholic Answers has his own website. Plenty of tracts, audio resources and more. Jimmy has also written several books, including The Fathers Know Best, a compilation of the writing of the earliest Christians after the and even during the time of the Apostles.


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