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No discussion with protestants about the Catholic Church would be complete without mentioning the successor of Saint Peter, the Pope.

20120903-083105.jpgDepending on who you talk to, he’s the antichrist, the devil, the ruler of the Whore of Babylon, or just a harmless old man and a representative of a misguided, apostate and archaic religion.

For many Protestant Christians, he’s the symbol of the corrupt and evil remnants of the Roman Empire, the embodiment of the wolves among the sheep. For catholics and, perhaps more importantly for non Christians, though, he is the symbol of Christian unity throughout the world.

Where’s That in the Bible?

Whatever non catholics tell you the pope is, the one thing they’ll all agree on is that he isn’t is the head of the Christian church. “Where in the Bible,” they’ll demand, “do you find the word ‘pope’?” Now, this may come as a shock to many cradle Catholics, but the answer is, you won’t find the word “pope” anywhere in the Bible. Unfortunately, Protestants have us on that one. Or do they?